R-Tek Conveyors ---Your Dependable Conveyor Belts Expert
R-Tek Conveyors     ---Your Dependable Conveyor Belts Expert


At R-Tek Conveyors, we mainly produce 3 types of products: conveyor belts, conveyor idlers & pulleys, and rubber V-belts.

Bull Horn Conveyor Belt

At R-Tek Conveyors, we offer a wide range of chevron belts, the most commonly produced are V cleats, and bull horn cleats. For more information, please refer to our product catalog.

Conveyor Drum Pulley

Other than conveyor idlers, we also offer conveyor pulleys. We are dedicated to solve your entire conveyor system needs.

Rubber V-belts

We have modern production lines for rubber V-belts and we can offer a big variety of V-belts. 

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